The Impact of CPY

Times are changing…
What would life be like without cell phones, e-mail, tablets, and on-line banking?  It’s difficult to imagine.  Much in the same way that technology has changed, communities have evolved as well; the New Brighton area is no exception.

New Brighton has seen a great deal of change over the last ten years, including a more culturally and economically diverse population.  In addition, statewide educational budget cuts have left our schools with less financial support than ever before, while a growing immigrant population has made teaching youth even more challenging.  Did you know:

  • Over 25 different languages are now spoken in the Mounds View School District; 300 parents in the school district do not speak English.
  • The average class size has increased from 25 youth in 1995 to 32 youth in 2002.
  • Over 16% (about 2,000 youth) in our school district are on assisted or reduced lunch.
  • In terms of cultural diversity, about 18% of students district-wide come from minority backgrounds.

Knowing what the data shows, we must ask the question: How can we adjust youth programming to fit the needs of our youth today, instead of the youth of ten years ago?

Our programs are working…
In 1997, Community Partners with Youth was created as a collaborative grassroots effort by a task force of community leaders and parents who recognized the changing needs of the youth in their community and formed a mission: to provide a safe, nurturing environment where our youth can strengthen their personalities and develop educational and social skills.  It is our belief that all children and youth have the right for health, safety and support so they may thrive and grow.

Community Partners with Youth is making an impact on New Brighton and surrounding communities.  We include not only after-school programs, but extended day and summer programming.  We strive to meet the needs of youth who are considered “at-risk” – academically, socially or financially with programs designed to meet their individual and special needs.  During 2014 offered over 1,000 hours of programming.

Today, we offer youth programming in six different areas: tutoring, mentoring, leadership training, cultural enrichment, service learning and recreation.  Each of these areas help engage students in self-exploration, community awareness and cultural expansion.  Our ultimate goal is to model and teach youth how to care for one another and themselves with respect, dignity and integrity.  We are turning risk into opportunity, replacing disillusionment with delight, and changing fear of the future into hope for tomorrow.

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