Mission & Purpose

CPY Values 5

In 1997, community leaders and parents established Community Partners with Youth (CPY) with the goal of reducing juvenile crime by increasing adult supervision during “out of school” hours – those hours after school, during student holidays and over the summer months.  Over time, our goals grew until we laid out our current mission:

To provide a safe, nurturing environment where youth can strengthen their personalities and develop educational and social skills.

Today, we have become one of the state’s most respected providers to offer supervision during out of school hours to elementary and middle school youth.  Each year we care for more than 500 children, offering thousands of hours of programming to youth and their families.

CPY is committed to creating an environment that fosters each child’s development.  Parents can have peace of mind, too, knowing our talented and committed staff are ensuring each child has access to programs designed to meet their needs.  All children attending our programs are nurtured and challenged, with an emphasis on leadership, excellence, honesty, respect, service & kindness; all are encouraged and practiced each day.

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